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Spreadsheet Fundamentals

This section contains the Spreadsheet Fundamentals, the basics of spreadsheet concepts, creating worksheets, editing data, building charts and publishing a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Fundamentals teaches the basics of spreadsheet concepts, which includes creating worksheets, editing data, building charts, and publishing a spreadsheet to the Web. In early lessons, students create, edit, and print worksheets, soon learning to format rows, columns, and cells. They gain expertise with margins, page breaks, and various print options. They learn to hide and unhide data, add and delete worksheets in a workbook, create a three-dimensional formula, and link workbooks. Students then create, edit, format, revise, and print charts. In later lessons, they perform basic Excel calculations with formulas and functions. In a final lesson, students create hyperlinks in a worksheet, save worksheets and workbooks as Web pages, send workbooks via e-mail, and add comments to workbook sheets.

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