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National Olympiads

This topic provides information about national olympiads in India.

The Olympiads signify excellence in education and an undoubted knowledge base. India has the following Olympiads to appreciate such talent in students.

Olympiad programmes in mathematics and sciences including astronomy

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education is the nodal centre of the country for Olympiad programmes in mathematics and sciences including astronomy. The programmes aim at promoting excellence in science and mathematics among pre-university students.

The programme is financially supported by Government of India, in particular, by Board of Nuclear Sciences (Department of Atomic Energy), Department of Science and Technology, Department of Space and Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Mathematics Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad programme consists of five stages.They are as follows

  • Stage 1 : Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO and pre-RMO) - The RMO is a three-hour written test with six or seven problems. On the basis of the performance in RMO, a certain number of students from each region is selected for Stage 2 (INMO). All Indian students who are born on or after August 1, 1996 and, in addition, are in Class IX, X, XI are eligible to appear for the RMO 2015.
  • Stage 2 : Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) - Only those students who are selected in RMO and those who have received an INMO certificate of merit are eligible to appear for the INMO. This contest is a four hour written test.
  • Stage 3 : International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC) - The INMO awardees are invited to a month long training camp in April-May each year at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Mumbai. On the basis of a number of selection tests through the Camp, a team of the best six students is selected from the combined pool of junior and senior batch participants.
  • Stage 4: Pre-departure Training Camp for IMO -The selected team of six students goes through another round of training and orientation for about ten days prior to departure for IMO.
  • Stage 5: International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) - The six member team selected at the end of IMOTC accompanied by a leader, a deputy leader and an observer represents the country at the IMO, held in July each year in a different member country of the IMO. The IMO contest consists of two written tests held on two consecutive days. On each day of the contest the test consists of three problems and lasts for four and half hours. The selection of the members of the Indian team for IMO will be subject to their fulfilling criteria such as age limit, medical fitness, parental consent, etc., as may be applicable. In particular, the selected students need to have a valid Indian passport meeting the visa regulations of the host country. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) finances international travel of the team, the leader and the deputy leader, while NBHM (DAE) finances the other expenditures connected with the international participation and the entire in-country programme.

For complete details, visit: National Olympiad programme

Science and Astronomy Olympiads

The Science Olympiad program follows the following 5 stages:

  • Stage I: National Standard Examinations (NSE)
  • Stage II: Indian National  Olympiad (INO)
  • Stage III : Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC)
  • Stage IV: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT)
  • Stage V: Participation in International Olympiad (IO).

Eligibility for appearing in National standard examinations in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and junior science: NSEP, NSEC, NSEB, NSEA and NSEJS respectively - All Indian students who are born on or after July 1 and, in addition, are in Class XII or lower as of November 30 of a particular year are eligible to appear for NSEA, NSEB, NSEC and NSEP held during a year. If they qualify in NSEA/NSE /NSEC/NSEP they will be eligible for the next stage leading to participation in International Olympiads for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, respectively.

For complete details, visit: National Science Olympiad

Indian Computing Olympiad

The Indian Computing Olympiad is a nationwide competition organized annually by Indian Association for Research in Computing Science (IARCS). The goal of the competition is to identify school students with outstanding skills in algorithms and computer programming.

The Indian Computing Olympiad is open to all school students across the country, from any school board. Any student registered in school upto class 12 during the current academic year is eligible. There is no lower age limit for participation. The Indian Computing Olympiad is used to select the team of four students to represent India at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI). IOI is one of the twelve international Science Olympiads held annually..

For complete details, visit: IARCS

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