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Heart Related

Different types of heart related diseases are explained here

Cardio Vascular Disease
Causes for cardiovascular diseases, types, symptoms and prevention are explained here
Heart Attack
The reasons for heart attack, symptoms, treatment and prevention are explained here
Heart failure
Reasons for heart failure, symptoms and prevention methods are explained here
FAQs on Heart Health
Dr Devi Shetty, Heart Specialist, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bengaluru answers on the heart health related queries are given here
Rheumatic heart disease
Rheumatic fever, its symptoms, treatment and preventive care etc are explained here
Pericardial effusion
Clinical manifestations of pericardial effusion, causes, symptoms, signs are explained here
Heart & cholesterol
Relation between cholesterol and heart problems, how to manage cholesterol, difference between LDL and HDL are explained here
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