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National Oral Health Programme

This topic provides information about National Oral Health Programme.

India has a high prevalence of oro-dental disease and it is well established that oral diseases are a public health problem and have a great impact on systemic health. Poor oral health can cause poor aesthetics, affects mastication adversely, cause agonizing pain and can lead to loss of productivity due to loss of man-hours.

National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) was launched during 2014 - 15 to strengthen the public health facilities of the country for an accessible, affordable & quality oral health care delivery.


The objectives of NOHP are as under:

  1. Improvement in the determinants of oral health e.g. healthy diet, oral hygiene improvement etc and to reduce disparity in oral health accessibility in rural & urban population.
  2. Reduce morbidity from oral diseases by strengthening oral health services at Sub district/district hospital to start with.
  3. Integrate oral health promotion and preventive services with general health care system and other sectors that influence oral health; namely various National Health Programs.
  4. Promotion of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for achieving public health goals


The program has two components as under:

  1. National Health Mission Component: support is provided to States to set up Dental Care Units at D istrict H ospital s or below. Support is provided for the following components :
    • Manpower support (Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant)
    • Equipments including dental Chair
    • Consumables for dental procedures
  2. Tertiary Component: For central level activities such as:
    • Designing IEC materials like Posters, TV, Radio Spots, Training Modules
    • Organizing national, regional nodal officers training program to enhance the program management skills, review the status of the program
    • Preparing State/District level Trainers by conducting national, regional workshops to train the paramedical health functionaries associated in health care delivery.

IVRS Oral health helpline

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare launched an IVRS Help line for Oral Health Programme on the occasion of World Oral Health Day on 20 March 2017. It can be accessed through a toll free number by any individual by dialling 1800-11-2032 .

The aim is to

  • Provide information regarding common oral health concerns;
  • Create awareness regarding the importance of oral health;
  • Dispel common myths regarding oral diseases; ·
  • Provide emergency instructions in case of common oral health diseases.
Source : Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Dr Chandarana Y. T. Jun 23, 2019 11:46 PM

Maximum attention should be given to the awareness and screening for preventive oralhealth .As the economic burden will be much lower for this.

Nandlal Bhojraj Feb 14, 2019 10:34 AM

Need to utilise existing ASHA workers and indicate oral health for infants. I have done this locally at Mysore Taluk. This can be a model to reduce the burden of providing a rehabilitative care.

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