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Score Card for cleanliness in public health facilities

This topic provides information about criteria to score cleanliness in public health facilities.

Clean Hospital

Reference No. Criteria Weightage
A. Hospital Upkeep 100
A1 Pest & Animal Control 10
A2 Landscaping & Gardening 10
A3 Maintenance of Open Areas 10
A4 Hospital Appearance – Painting Whitewashing 10
A5 Infrastructure Maintenance 10
A6 Illumination 10
A7 Maintenance of Furniture & Fixture 10
A8 Removal of Junk Material 10
A9 Water Conservation 10
A10 Work Place Management 10

Sanitation and Hygiene

Reference No. Criteria Weightage
B1. Cleanliness of Circulation Area 10
B2 Cleanliness of Wards 10
B3 Cleanliness of Procedure Areas (Labour Room OT) 10
B4 Cleanliness of Ambulatory Area (OPD, Emergency, Lab) 10
B5 Cleanliness of Auxiliary Areas 10
B6 Cleanliness of Toilets 10
B7 Use of standards materials and Equipment for Cleaning 10
B8 Use of Standard Methods for Cleaning 10
B9 Monitoring of Cleanliness Activities 10
B10 Drainage and Sewage Management 10

Hospital Support Services

Reference No. Criteria Weightage
C1. Laundry Services and Linen Management 10
C2 Water Sanitation 10
C3 Kitchen Services 10
C4 Security Services 10
C5 Cleanliness of Auxiliary Areas 10

Waste Management

Reference No. Criteria Weightage
D1 Segregation of Biomedical Waste 10
D2 Collection and Transportation of Biomedical Waste 10
D3 Sharp Management 10
D4 Storage of Biomedical Waste 10
D5 Disposal of Biomedical waste 10
D6 Management Hazardous Waste 10
D7 Solid General Waste Management 10
D8 Liquid Waste Management 10
D9 Equipment and Supplies for Bio Medical Waste Management 10
D10 Statuary Compliances 10

Hand Hygiene

Reference No. Criteria Weightage
E1 Personal Protective Equipment 10
E2 Personal Protective Practices 10
E3 Personal Protective Practices 10
E4 Decontamination and Cleaning of Instruments 10
E5 Disinfection & Sterilization of Instruments 10
E6 Spill Management 10
E7 Isolation and Barrier Nursing 10
E8 Infection Control Program 10
E9 Hospital Acquired Infection Surveillance 10
E10 Environment Control 10

Hygiene Promotion

Reference No. Criteria Weightage
F1 Community Monitoring & Patient Participation
F2 Information Education and Communication (I.E.C.)
F3 Leadership and Team work
F4 Training and Capacity Building
F5 Staff Hygiene and Dress Code

Source: Swachhta Abhiyaan Guidelines for Public Health Facilities

Aayush Jaiswal Feb 16, 2016 03:00 AM

I wish to inquire that in this scorecard what basis have you taken to given equal weightage to all the mentioned factors. Also, is there any study backing this weightage.

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