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Very Nice post! It's great to see your initiative towards food safety at home.
Darshit Aug 23, 2019
We have Army Pre Primary School in Pune Khadki. We wish to Register school through ICDS. Please tell us what is procedure for the same.
Sanjay Nimse Aug 23, 2019
Helped me a lot , thanks!
Indian hero Aug 23, 2019
Right to live is the prime right of every child. But it is neglected. The parents in tribal hilly areas do not seek timely treatment [...]
Dr.T.D.Shinde. Aug 23, 2019
It would have been better if photos of the uncultivated greens where published along with this article.
Jay Aug 23, 2019
Great! very informative and data driven article. Please keep sharing we would love to read more. NBFC sector is playing a critical role in the [...]
AllCloud Aug 23, 2019
I am staying in Rent and submitted Rent Agreement copy. Bank is asking me KYC document of the flat owner. In the above scenario do [...]
Prabhu R M Aug 23, 2019
I want to know how to construct the chamber. Please guide me. ICAR imphal can guide me if I approach them in this regards. Pl [...]
Sanasam Priyokumar Singh Aug 23, 2019
Can we know the coordinates of all Wind Turbines in India
kkai Aug 22, 2019
thanks a lot..... best project
manju Aug 22, 2019
To check if your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar, visit https://resident.uidai.gov.in/verify-email-mobile . On entry of your aadhaar and mobile number and submission of [...]
Viji Aug 22, 2019
How get aadhar link mobile number
G. Sridevi Aug 22, 2019
Thank u so much
Neha Aug 22, 2019
Where is the free coaching institutions for competitive examination? Plaese explain
Yasir Aug 22, 2019
Our eating habits makes a big change. It due to our eating habits we face Acne issues. Drink plenty of water, its a best detoxifier.
Kulpreet Singh Aug 22, 2019
Pls furnish the information of processing of ripened fruit in to dry fruit
Srinivas Aug 22, 2019
Hum Kisan hai Hume farming ke baare me jyada pata nahi hai
Prasant Kumar Bharti Aug 22, 2019
When i worked some other place, then i apply for this scheme that time i didn't get, now i am staying at my native place, [...]
Fasiuddin shaik Aug 22, 2019
Its a request to please put the photo of every medicinal plants.
Nice work for reading
Ajaykumar g Aug 22, 2019
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