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The article is good
shobhadevi Feb 22, 2019
what is the yield per hector production of its seeds
mamoona Feb 22, 2019
I want to check my adar no linked with moble no
ashok kumar chandel Feb 22, 2019
What is the time period for issue vote ID for new voter tehi station and transfer.
RM JADHAV Feb 22, 2019
In a subject fail in 1st semester then 3rd semester i can re-exam all subject or only failed subject please help me
Hiranmoy Bera Feb 22, 2019
Why all farmers can't get certified seed
Ritesh Feb 22, 2019
Dear sir, I want to do fish farming and i am keen to know about biofloc farming. I request you to please provide me detail [...]
Varun Feb 21, 2019
Not at all responding
Manam Feb 21, 2019
Hi sir, I have taken a house loan of 20l…in May2018. Now construction was completed. Loan tenure is 30 yrs. PMAY scheme is applicable for [...]
Mounika Feb 21, 2019
Thanks for explanations but if you would also add radius of gyration,examples of mechanical energy thanks
Wabwire Benard Feb 21, 2019
In which year, age group from under 3 years to under 5 years was increased for pulse polio immunization in India
Sweta Sinha Feb 21, 2019
I am pursuing B.Sc from computer science,am I eligible for ctet exam.
Ruchi sahu Feb 21, 2019
Can RBI or Central government print any amount of currency? or is there any limitation of printing of currency ?
Vinod Kumar Feb 21, 2019
ashu Feb 21, 2019
I have observed similar vagues reply to the other people who have made their grievances through this portal. It is appearing to me from such [...]
Ex Sgt VK katiyar Feb 20, 2019
In foreign countries, children are protected against abusive parents through laws. Are there such laws to prevent it in India?
Shirisyra Feb 20, 2019
I am Chandra Mani Prasad (Manialaya,Kurji Balupar mohalla of PATNA City) and have to submit that street light installed at my electric pole has been [...]
Chandra Mani Prasad Feb 20, 2019
Respected sir, where can I get the detailed syllabus for C, CN, and Aptitude? thanking you.
alekhya Feb 20, 2019
I am apply beedi scholarship 2017-18.but not Scholarship even today any help Pls
Rajesh Feb 20, 2019
Well Shared. As a motivational speaker, I got many things which are important for me and for my students. Things which are mentioned here are [...]
Amaresh Jha Feb 20, 2019
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