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My new epic no. Is genarated befor 15th days, i ask that where i collect my voter card and is that pvc smart card? Can [...]
Pravin shende Apr 18, 2019
As I was retired from carmel school giridih jharkhand on 5 th August2017 but did not get any letter or ppo no. regarding my pension. [...]
harinder kaur Apr 18, 2019
Hi I have taken admission for certificate course of naturopathy and yoga through distance, person told after completing this you can practice as a doctor [...]
Suhas dabhade Apr 18, 2019
i need data about 1) relative humidity 2)temperature 3) soil moisture 4) light intensity 5)CO2 ppm for week 1 week 2week3 and week 4 as [...]
There are lots of MNC who are functioning tomorrow irrespective of government holiday for election and not allowing employee to vote.how do we logde complaint [...]
Stef Apr 17, 2019
what are the percentge af feed additive in 100kg feed broilers and layer
ibrahim mohd isah Apr 17, 2019
Sir is there any age limit for apprentice
Tauheed Apr 17, 2019
I want to include my name in the voter's list
Ronald Dixon Apr 17, 2019
Hello sir, I can't able to registration on CSC website. CSC registration are closed by website. When will be he start please tell me [...]
arun Apr 17, 2019
No information about the component is given
V.Balasubramanian Apr 17, 2019
I have a plot size of 1500 sq ft , I am interested in organic farming please let me inform how to do this ..my [...]
Harsh Taneja Apr 17, 2019
Is it help to stop child marriage?
Prasanna kumar Apr 17, 2019
sir, As researcher i want to know the microbial consortium present in the waste decomposer . Iam planning to include in my experiments on fruit [...]
Dr.K.kaladhar babu Apr 16, 2019
I have a mango tree that bears fruits about twice yearly. Unfortunately for some time now, the fruits suffer from some blight that starts by [...]
Edet E. Isang Apr 16, 2019
under the list of voluntary labeling... 11th entry should have been diesel generator (DG Set).... https://beeindia.gov.in/content/standards-labeling thank you ..
Ananth selvaraj Apr 16, 2019
nice pic
essaypro Apr 16, 2019
I want to bring you that Rameswaram is one of biggest tourism place in India, daily many foreigners and indian citizens visiting. But the beach [...]
SSDG Apr 16, 2019
Its working now.
Viji Apr 16, 2019
website is not working for last 5 days
anju dua Apr 16, 2019
Dear Sir, What is the process after submit the C form. & after how many maximum days will call me for training. Pls tell me [...]
Salman Apr 15, 2019
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