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It takes how many days after approved application to call for traning
sanjeet yadav Oct 22, 2019
Ragi is extremely good for bone health but should not be consumed regularly , to avoid kidney stones and weight loss in lean people. Once [...]
Manjeet Ishar Oct 22, 2019
Is Fisheries science (B.F.Sc) courses available...!?
Harish Kumar Oct 22, 2019
sir interested in setting up a banana paper production unit in bangalore,can you pls guide with more information regarding cost and quality.....
vani Oct 22, 2019
can you please make a list of all activities by just numbering for easier revising purposes
vitalis wanjala Oct 22, 2019
Sir,I have passed the nmms in 2016 but i am not yet received my scholarship please update us that when the amount of scholarship will [...]
Swapnadeep Roy Oct 22, 2019
Sir ek panchayat me kitne csc mil skte hai
Pawan kr singh Oct 22, 2019
Thanks a lot Sir... Great job !!!
SWAPAN GAYEN Oct 22, 2019
What about staying in hostel
kiran Oct 21, 2019
now this scheme is available ?? i approached anganwadi worker, she said the scheme is not available, plz give me clarity, whether scheme is available [...]
kishore Oct 21, 2019
Sir, I am enrolled but no work has been assigned to me. Pl look.
Ishwari Prasad Oct 21, 2019
MANYA Oct 21, 2019
what kind of seed is the best to produce?
om prakash Oct 21, 2019
It was very helpful for my examination.
Abishek Oct 21, 2019
Can be Fmd +HS vaccination done in pregnent gaots?
Milind Oct 21, 2019
hello sir, i m intressted to start a small unit of eco paper manufacturing can u please guide me? and help me to build up [...]
Ankita salunke Oct 21, 2019
Spray copper oxychloride or mancozeb @3gm per 10 lit water.
Rahul gavali Oct 21, 2019
I could anser the question my teacher asked. thank u very much
Mordi Fardin Oct 21, 2019
Kindly inform me what the reason when i am trying to do at CSC Registration portal for fresh registration then a error shows on my [...]
chaitanya date Oct 21, 2019
if a student is registered under pre matric obc scheme but her docs. are not uploaded and the last date has gone then what should [...]
anita Oct 21, 2019
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