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Lunch With Laadli

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Innovation:To promote personality development and healthy habits to improve the nutritional and educational status of girls

Duration:Twice a month

Location : Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan,

Key Stakeholders:District Collector,Government Officers,Girls ,School Administrations

Brief Description

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‘Lunch with Laadli’ is held on the first and last Friday every month, and was conceptualized with a view to interact with girls during meals. By directing and motivating girls to pursue a healthy life style and aspire to lead a good life, ‘Lunch with Laadli’ promotes a nonhierarchical community, as girls come face to face with their District Collector during lunch. Under this program, the District Collector visits Government schools and interacts with girls by teaching them and answers their questions. Some girls are given cash prizes which helps them to develop confidence and motivation.

On a similar note,‘Collector’s Dialogue’ is a programme initiated by the District Collector that examines quality of the Girl Child’s education. It also focuses on increasing the self-confidence of girls. District Collector interacts with the girls on various topics like health, education, nutrition, career, self defence and Government schemes related to women’s and child welfare. Girls also receive personalized guidance, career counselling and motivation from the District Collector directly in the school’s premises, thereby promoting an atmosphere of motivation for girls.

Factors Contributing to Success

The District Collector’s passion to reach out to girl students is evident. With their personal involvement, girls are enthused about pursuing a rewarding life.

Outcome, Benefits & Impact

As an initiative motivating students to improve their understanding of education, nutrition, a healthy life style and aspirations, this initiative ensures that students also receive exposure to innovative ideas of the District Administration.

Challenges and Future Prospects

The District Administration needs to scale up these activities and sustain them to ensure high participation to help them gain knowledge and skills.

Source: Innovations under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

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