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Complaint and legal assistance for women

This topic provides information about Complaint and legal assistance for women.

Legal Counsels for defending cases of women complainants

SR. No.Name of High CourtsName of AdvocatesContact NumbersRemarks


High Court of Patna Sh. Gautam Kejrewal 9386487706/ 9835257450 Minimal fee
Ms. Alka Verma 9431078283 Pro bono
2. High Court of Punjab & Haryana Sh. Satya Pal Jain 9814102232 Minimal fee
Jagdeep Bains Cacoa 9814004373 Minimal fee
Shailendra Jain 9814010369 Pro bono or on payment of minimal fee
3. High Court of Karnataka Mrs. Poonam Patil 9448692141 Minimal fee
4. High Court of Allahabad and Its Bench Shri Ram Kaushik 9918002606 Minimal fee
Ms. Priyanka Midha 9918002619 Pro bono or on payment of minimal fee
Shri Aarush 9452939383 Minimal fee
5. High Court of Calcutta Sh. Somenath Bose 9830005652 Minimal fee
Sh. Sovendu Sekhar Roy 9051354006 Minimal fee
Sh. Hiron Lal Majumdar 9831046940 Minimal fee
Sh. Uttam Majumdar 9830024617 Minimal fee

Sh. Bhudeb Chatterjee 9331863400 Minimal fee
Sh. Jayanta Kumar Sanyal 7003208220 Pro bono or on payment of minimal fee
Sh. Pratap Khati (Darjeeling) 7001366969 7407182839 Minimal fee
6. High Court of Rajasthan and its Bench Sh. Vijay Kumar Gupta 9829585500 Minimal fee
Sh. Sanjeet Purohit 9166533433 Minimal fee
7. High Court of Delhi Ms. Aakriti Jain Chhabra 9871359259 Minimal fee
Sh. Vivek Goyal 9810373320 Minimal fee
Ms. Monika Arora 9810246300 Minimal fee
Ms. Aparna Bhatt 9811113979 Minimal fee
Adv. Prateek Som 09999313637 Minimal fee
Adv. Pritpal Nijjar 9971155522 Minimal fee
Adv. Amardeep Singh 9811111144 Minimal fee
8. High Court of Bombay Ms. Varsha Deshpandey 9822072056 Minimal fee
Ms. Vandana Shah 9321822468 Pro bono or on payment of minimal fee
Mr. Hitesh jain 9821215456 Minimal fee
9. High Court of Madras Sh. G. Karthikeyan 9445758059 Minimal fee
Sh. D Sarvanan 9443226161 Minimal fee
10. High Court of Chhattisgarh Sh. B. Gopa Kumar 9827160950 Minimal fee
11. High Court of Guwahati Ms. Pinky Barua 9854187582 Pro bono or on payment of minimal fee
12. High Court of Tripura Sh. Mithu Das 8131837353 Minimal fee
Ms. Priyanka Dhar 8794921339/ 874921339 Minimal fee
13. High Court of Arunachal Pradesh Ms. Sarah Wanglat 9402410410 Minimal fee
14. High Court of Madhya Pradesh Sh. Jinendra Kumar Jain 9425387539 Minimal fee
15. High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh Ms. Vasantha Lakshmi 9392480935 Pro-bono or payment of minimal fee
Ms. Swarna Seshu K 9966025444 Minimal fee
Ms. Vijaya Kumari Pathoamsetty 9866416580 Minimal fee
16. High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for Telangana Ms. Nanda Surepalli 9848072435 Minimal fee
Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi Juttukonda 9866606109 Minimal fee
Ms. Vasudha Nagraj 9885179287 Minimal fee
17. High Court of Gujarat Ms. Divyangna Jhala 9979888879 Minimal fee
Ms. Trusha Patel 9825006302 Minimal fee
18. High court of Uttrakhand Sh. Mayank Pandey 9837555557 Minimal fee
19. High Court of Kerala Shri Krishnadas P. Nair 9447408066 Minimal fee
Ms. Maya Krishnan AK 9349484776 Minimal fee

Note : Minimal fee shall not exceed the fee structure provided by Ministry of Law & Justice, Deptt. of Legal Affairs, dated 01.10.2015.

Source : National Commission for Women

Complaint & Investigation Cell of NCW

National Commission for Women (NCW) processes the complaints received orally in writing or online - National Commission for Women. The Commission deals with the complaints received from all over the country including those relating to deprivation of rights of women and involving injustice to women takes suo motu cognizance of incidents related to commission of heinous crimes against women U/S 10 of the National Commission Act, 1990.

Scrutiny of Complaints

  • The complaints received are  scrutinised as per Commission’s mandate and adopted procedure to handle complaints
  • The complaints which falls within the Commission’s mandate and adopted procedure to handle complaints are registered under 19 identified categories
  • The complaints of the following nature are  summarily dismissed:-
    1. Complaints which are illegible or vague, anonymous or pseudonymous;
    2. The issue raised relates to civil dispute between the parties;
    3. The issue raised relates to service matters;
    4. Matter is sub judice before a Court/Tribunal;
    5. Complaints which are already pending before a State Commission or any other Commission
    6. Complaints only endorsed to the Commission
    7. Complaints involving no deprivation of women rights

Heads Under Which Complaints Are Registered

  1. Violence Against Women
    1. Acid Attack
    2. Attempt to rape
    3. Rape
    4. Sexual Assault
  2. Sex Selective Abortions; Female Foeticide / Amniocentesis
  3. Sexual harassment including Sexual Harassment at workplace
  4. Traditional practices derogatory to women rights like Sati Pratha, Devdasi Pratha and Witch Hunting
  5. Indecent representation of women
  6. Dowry Harassment / Dowry Death
  7. Trafficking / prostitution of women
  8. Outraging modesty of women
  9. Stalking / Voyeurism
  10. Cyber crimes against women
  11. Bigamy / Polygamy
  12. Right to exercise choice in marriage
  13. Right to live with dignity (Domestic violence/cruelty and harassment)
  14. Gender discrimination
  15. Women’s right of custody of children in the case of divorce
  16. Free legal aid for women
  17. Privacy of women and rights thereof
  18. Police Apathy against women
  19. Reproductive health rights of women

Processing of Complaints

To provide adequate relief to the complainant and ensure suitable redressal of her grievances. The complaints are acted upon in the following manner :

  1. Investigations by the police are expedited and monitored.
  2. Family disputes are resolved or compromised through counseling or hearing  before the Commission.. For serious crimes, the Commission constitutes an Inquiry Committee which makes spot enquiries, examines various witnesses, collects evidence and submits the report with recommendations. Such investigations help in providing immediate relief and justice to the victims of violence and atrocities. The implementation of the report is monitored by the NCW. There is a provision for having experts/lawyers on these committees.
  3. A few complaints are also forwarded to the respective State Commissions for Women and other forums like the National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe, etc., for disposal of the complaints at their end.
  4. In respect of complaints related to sexual harassment of women at their workplaces, the concerned organizations or departments are urged to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee(ICC) as per the mandatory provisions Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 in order  to enquire into such complaints. The Commission regularly monitored and takes up these complaints with the concerned organizations/departments to expedite the disposal of the complaints by following the statutory provisions.

Source : National Commission for Women

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