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Apple: Natural Enemies

Natural enemies of apple insect pests are covered here

Natural Enemies of Apple Insect Pests





Flowering plants that attract natural enemies/repel pests

Natural enemies Attractant/repellent/trap plants
Codling moth:
Parasitoids: Trichogramma embryophagum (egg),T. cacoeciaepallidum (egg) etc. Nectar rich plants with small fl owers i.e. anise, caraway,
dill, parsley, mustard, sunfl ower, buckwheat (Braconid
wasp and other wasps)
Predators: Birds (grey tit, Parus major and Passer domesticus)
San Jose scale:
Parasitoids: Encarsia perniciosi and Aphytis sp (nymphal and adult) etc. Sunfl ower family, carrot family, buckwheat
Predators: Coccinellid (Chilocorus infernalis, Pharoscymnus fl exibilis) etc.
Woolly apple aphid :
Parasitoids: Aphelinus mali (nymphal and adult) Attractant plants: Carrot family, sunfl ower family,
buckwheat, alfalfa, cosmos (minute pirate bug and
lacewing, syrphids, coccinellids) etc.
Predators: Coccinellids (Coccinella septempunctata, Menochilus sexmaculatus),lacewings (Chrysoperla zastrowi sillemi), syrphid fl ies (Syrphus confrator, Episyrphus balteatus) etc.
European red mite :
Predators: Lacewings (Chrysoperla zastrowi sillemi), predatory mites (Amblyseius fallacies and Zitzellia mali), Coccinellids (Stethorus punctum) etc. •   Carrot family, bishop’s weed (spider mite destroyer)
•  Sunfl ower family, marigold, buckwheat, spearmint (ladybird beetle)
• Carrot family, sunfl ower family, buckwheat, alfalfa, shrubs (minute pirate bug)
• French bean (predatory mites) Berseem clover, sub-terranean clovers (big eyed bugs)
Tent caterpillar :
Parasitoids: Tachinid fl y etc.
Indian gypsy moth :
Parasitoids: Anastatuis kashmiriensis (egg),Telenomus sp (egg), Cotesia melanoscela (larval), Glyptapantelos indiensis (larval), G. fl evicoxis (larval), tachinid (Pales sp) (larval), Brachymeria intermedia (pupal), B. lasus (pupal) etc. • Attractant plants: Carrot family, sunfl ower family, buckwheat, alfalfa, corn, shrubs (minute pirate bug and lacewing)
• Nectar rich plants with small flowers i.e. anise, caraway,dill, parsley, mustard, sunfl ower, buckwheat and cowpea (Braconid wasp)
Blossom thrips :
Predators: antlion, predatory thrips, coccinellids,anthocorids, lygaeids etc. ·         French bean (predatory thrips)
• Carrot family, sunfl ower family, marigold, buckwheat,spearmint (syrphid fl y, lacewing, minute pirate bug, damsel bug and ladybird beetle)
Apple maggot :
Parasitoids: Diachasmimorpha sp,

IPM for Apple

To know the IPM practices for Apple, click here.

Source: NIPHM, and Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage

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