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Horticulture Department

This section covers about state plan schemes related to Horticulture Department of Arunachal Pradesh

What Can You Get?

S.No. Type of Assistance Quantum of Assistance Name of Scheme
1 Fertilizer/PP chemicals& equipment / Hand tools 100% assistance, amounting to Rs.25,000/- per beneficiary including cost inputs Rejuvenation of old Orchard
2 PP chemicals & equipment/Assistance for spraying of PP chemicals 100% assistance up to Rs.10,000/- per beneficiary in the form of inputs and equipment Plant Protection
3 Planting material/Fencing material/ Tools & implements/ Fertilizers & PP chemicals 50% of the cost, ranging from Rs.64,000/- to Rs. 3,20,000/- depending on type of crop. Area Expansion

N.B:- Availability of schemes will depend on fund allocation by the Sate Govt.

Whom to Contact?

District Horticulture Officer, Project Director, ATMA at District level and Director of Horticulture at State level.

Source: Department of Horticulture, Arunachal Pradesh

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